A French Kiss - GatherX1.5/Events/Airdrop/NoDura/PvP/FairPlay

Server Features:

Gather X1.5 (Wood, Ores, Animals)
Crafting time/2
Starter kits (starter 5x and home 1x)
Sleepers: on
Durability: off
Decay over 10 days
Airdrop (1X per hour from 20 players)
Events (arenas and games)
Sharing doors
Active mature admins
Fun and fair play

Available commands:

/kit starter (Stone Hatchet + 5 Cooked Chicken Breast -> available 3 times)
/kit home (Wood Shelter, Wooden Door, Wood Storage Box, Camp Fire, 10 Raw Chicken Breast -> available 1 time)
/rules (the rules of the server condensed version)
/history (chat history)


This Regulation shall be considered non-exhaustive and Server’s Admins reserves the right to apply any sanction it considers necessary.


-The excessive use of capital letters, vulgarity and spam will not be tolerated on the chat.
-The harassment are punishable.
-Identity theft and abusive nickchange are prohibited, as well as nickname like: admin, server, console …

Glitches, exploits, bugs, cheat …

Are strictly prohibited:

-Exploiting bugs, any form of “glitches” (including chests, stashes in the doors …)
-The use of third-party programs for the alteration of the gameplay or facilitate any aspect of the game (gammas are excluded from this rule and allowed on the server)
-The loot through the pillars


Are prohibited:

-Constructions over 8x8x12 (12 floors)
-Suicide bases and homes requiring one or more jump to access it (jump house)
-Rocks bases or houses using textures (trees are tolerable)
-The buildings nearby (roughly 100m) or in areas of radiation (all cities)



-Pillars / barricades to climb a structure
-Metal doors in enemy base (using wooden doors during a raid is tolerable)


All things non destructible with a rock, placed on or near a building belonging to another player by condemning him access.

steam profiles

Players must make their steam profile temporarily public at the request of an administrator. All profiles have been the subject of a VAC BAN under 2 years old will be out of the game and for VAC BAN over 2 years monitoring will be implemented with an exclusion from the server in case of doubts.

You wanna Play on this Server ?

Press F1 ingame and type in your Console