A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Check out our Website!!: a Fresh Start!
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For Every New player joining our server will get a Starter pack concluding:

  • 500 Wood to start your game,
  • A Hatchet to Farm faster at the start,
  • 3 Large Med Kits !!

Newly Created Rust server Looking for Active Players…

  • Noob Friendly !!!

  • Instacraft

  • Airdrops

  • Nice XP System

  • Location System

  • Active Admins

  • Own Construction Remover ( If you Build or Mistaked a thing ( Only with Pick Axe ) hit it Once and Once again to Remove )

    • **Teamspeak Server **( Only Join when U are going to Play on the Server )


  • No Cheating / Hacking if noticed permanent ban…
  • No Flaming
  • No Exploiting
  • No Racism
  • No Spamming
  • No Admin Abusing
  • No Harrasment no harrasing new players get warning if noticed

( If you Notice anything with someone tresspassing these Rules will get a ban or 1ste warning )

If you like to join
hit F1 net.connect

More information or a peak of the Server check out this Youtube Movie. Its just an Promotion video…
Promotion Video check it out!

If you like the server, please give us a Vote!
For 1 Vote you get a Gift, For 5 Votes u Get a Gift, for 15 Votes u Get a Gift… etc :slight_smile:


Most Active Survivors : 7 - 8

Greetz OALEbappie…


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Added Groups… in the game. Information on how this feature works check out our forum!
Website is now Complete :slight_smile: See you guys on my Server !!

Added new Content to Our Website Forum, explainations about our in game Commands and other usefull features!! Check it out now! Forum: A Fresh Start

At the moment, we are having some nice active players on our server! Come and check it out!

For Every new player will get a gift !

  • 500 Wood to start your game,
  • A Hatchet to Farm faster at the start,
  • 3 Large Med Kits !!

Come and Join now!

Made some updates after last people joined the server and raided it… From now On Noob Friendly server everyone who is new in the game will be given protection!!