A Friendly Sacrifice On the Rainy Street




Seeing this picture heavily inspires me to make another WWII screen shot.

In other words, nice.

What model pack are those?


Download the stuff and it replaces the DoD things you have in-game.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Rain needs work. Should be less showing in front of the guy closest to the camera.

Of course it’s probably just me not knowing shit about the dynamics of rain spacing.

But it just looks a bit odd to me.

The rain needs to bounce off the clothes, right now it just looks like its in front of all the soldiers

It looks like the soldier in the back is using the other one as a meat shield.

Also the rain looks very 2D, needs more depth and it needs to impact on the people.

One of the finer works I’ve seen.


Here is the next one http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=767564
I honestly think that one looks a bit better (rain-wise), i attempted a very heavy look.

TK! Also, In later News, I want to learn how to edit like everyone else on this site, I’m really jealous :frowning:

Pussy ass soldier.

Poor friend.


Somewhere in heaven/hell
“At least I didn’t die in vai- now what the fuck?! You asshole! You set my body down and you get shot in the face! Between the Eyes too!”
“Hey man-”
“You Cocksucker!!”

What a douchebag.