Beta is now open! 12 slots so come on in and take yours!

Bug Reporting on the beta:
Please reply to this thread saying whats the bug, how it happened (if possible), and what time. Also please give us your in-game name so we can look at the logs to see what happened.


This RP is still a Work In Progress! Everything you see is strictly representation material and defiantly not half as good as the final.
Hey guys and gals,
Odahilys here with the new A.G.R.P.
Are you tired of the plain old DarkRPs and simple cakescript copies?
Are you looking for some semi-serious HL2 roleplay that features action and much more activity (WITH GUNS) then tacobanana?
Well its your lucky day!
Aggression RolePlay (AGRP) is brought to you by the Aggression Clan, created by yours truly (Odahilys).

  • DOESN’T COST 19.99, RIP Billy Mays!*

Bugs and Issues:
In the Black Market picture, some icons are dollars. Those are place holders. Again, everything is still a WIP!!! Typos are because we are skimming through the text and icons to make the frame, then we will reedit the whole story line to make it perfect.

Background Information:
*A.G. (Aggression) clan was created by Odahilys in late 2008 (steam lies about the group dates, im serious). *
Being a semi-serious Half Life 2 roleplay, this gamemode features 3 sides the player can choose from. The player can either become a Rebel, a Civil Protection/Combine, or a normal Citizen.

The RP team includes myself as management and finance, gamemode solo coder and maintainer Tobba (big credits to this guy), and ThePortalMaster for his ideas and scripts.

[li]Three sides to choose from
[/li][li]Black Market with limited stock and sell feature
[/li][li]Weapon/Item red “L4D style” outline for easy locating
[/li][li]Hotel with purchasable rooms
[/li][li]Plenty of safezones, firezones, and guards who will protect the markets from hostile threats
[/li][li]Warfare areas are isolated to prevent epic DM and base raping
[/li][li]EXP gain and skills
[/li][li]Real-Action fists and, of course, keys
[/li][li]And much much much much much more to come!

Website and Steam Group:
http://www.agclan.net - Please know it is under construction.
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AggressionClan - Features links to twitter and facebook pages. Not under construction like everything else in this page giggle.

Screenshots and Media:
http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/7622/rptbcity45v020043.th.jpg http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/7306/rptbcity45v020045.th.jpg http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/151/rptbcity45v020049.th.jpg http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2494/rptbcity45v020052.th.jpg http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2633/rptbcity45v020051.th.jpg

P.S. - Please subscribe to this thread if you find it interesting. Much much more will come, it is really going to be big. We would love your help if you can offer it, any help from finance to texturing to coding to anything really will help.
If you are interested in the gamemode and want to add me on steam, please PM me with your request and i will gladly add you.

P.S.S. - I have a huge sense of humor.

-snip- turned out to look pretty good!

The RPG segment is getting pwned by Darkspider. I am not match for it, but my friend Tobba said he will work on an RPG after AGRP has earned some revenue and reputation.

Dumb rating? Really?

Dumb ratings just sorta happen, don’t take it personally. Anyways this looks like fun and I do indeed like your inventory script you got there. Oh and on the rounded corners you have to have an even number or else you get that weird corner bug thing.

Releasing or no?

this looks like i’d play it, only thing is, change the menu styles a bit :confused: reminds me and i’m sure others of PERP or darkland, the NPC menu for the rooms, as well as skills, just try a different design layout i suppose.

@polkm, thanks for your wisdom :slight_smile:
@Roleplay World, sooner or later (around next week) will be a beta release. We are very short of coders and have no one that perfects making icons and textures on the team.
@antid2, thanks for your feedback. This is a WIP, certainly we will change the placeholder skins and styles.

Your inventory system looks nice.

@wipmuck, thanks!

Wouldn’t want to release it would you?


Anyone have any idea’s on how the menu’s should look? i’m out of them :hurr:

I’ve probably got a few stacked up somewhere.

Use the same skin that you used on inventory and all that. And make it all organised.

the inventory was made using only rounded boxes, other menus is derma. i gonna try to make a derma skin that looks like the inventory

Looks like something Garry would make, strangely enough.

Hey guys,
Beta will be delayed until February 6th.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

arrogant much?

AntiD2: saw your store on your RP, wondering how you did the square Dpanel grid?
Oda: im not the coder of agrp
AntiD2: who is
Oda: if you would of read the credits you would of understood
Oda: your not worth my time, good bye

I believe it might be a DModelPanel sitting ontop of a texture.