A game based on s&box?

Will it be possible to create a global addon/mod that will be like a real game based on s&box? Or mods will be maps and models only? Will it be possible to create a super-mega-global gamemode? I’m interesting🤔


like CupCakeR said, gamemodes, some of them are going to be ‘real games based on s&box’, whereas others could be whatever you’d like, facepunch is in contact with a person who made a csgo spinoff within dota2 who’s now being asked to continue their project in s&box, which would probably turn out to be what daniel describes as a gamemode within the base version of s&box.


I mean, for usual developers (as for me, for example), not just for famous people

yeah, everybody will be able to create content

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not sure what makes you think that you have to be a famous/professional dev to create a gamemode, the only limits you will face are your own capabilities


C# isnt so hard to learn.
if you want to learn it before getting access to sandbox you could try making stuff in Unity to get the hang of it before going to sandbox since unity has lots of great tutorials

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Unity isn’t the only engine that has C# support.

There you could add Unigine too.

well yeah i know. its just that unity is the way i learned C# with so ofcourse i would mention it above everything else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Offer Facepunch $250.000 so they can license you s&box as game engine. Then release a standalone version of your game by making a s&box fork that can load only your own addons.

Yes, I work a lot with Unity and I have enough experience. Thanks for your answer:)

Uningine is more for industry then for game-developers, as I know