a gamemode im working on for RP


It is the Year 2150 The Beginning of The Great Flash. Everyone knew there was going to be a World War 3 But who knew it Was Going to Have Such a Big Impact on us all…

What was once a beautiful world Now Barren Dessert? Nothing but Rubble of those who were once here before us, Scarce Resources, We have to make do with what we can find, trade and kill for.

The Great Flash caused by the nuclear Disaster Man Made to become more powerful. Only to Destroy Everything Man Built, fought and earned GONE IN SECONDS.

Every one Tried to find Shelter But for those unlucky enough to escape the radiation after. Now Fight to Survive, some people rebuilt towns from the left over ruins some people were forced into hijacking and others into prostitution.

Now is the time For Survival you are one Of the Great Flash Survivors. Build, Trade, Search and Kill to Survive Find Peace in a refugee Camp or Become a Leader of your own Town. Train your skills Raise your Hit Points and do what you have to do to Survive.
YOU ARE IN THE WORLD OF A NEW BEGINNING… you choose how you survive.
Roles (Jobs)

  1. Traveller – Travels Between towns and trades goods.

  2. Shopkeeper – buys and sell goods to others and travellers.

  3. Town Keeper – Keeps the town up to scratch, Sets towns name, Makes the Law, Approves builds on derelict / abandoned buildings.

  4. Enforcer – Enforces the law made.

  5. Medic – Sells medicine and gets rid of radiation( like fallout 3 ).

  6. Weapons Dealer – Sells Weapons, Ammo, Armour also repairs weapons.

  7. Thief – Steal Pickpocket, lock pick with bobby pins sell your skills, do what you need to earn.

  8. Security – Sell your services protect a traveller or be hired to stop thieves in the local shop.

  9. Bar Keeper – Sell Vodka, Water, Beer, cigarettes and other products.

Most Product must be found by Random Spawn, npc Kills Search Hot spots( a search hot spot may be a trunk chest locker ect).
Tools must be bought found or licensed by the Mayor or a Law Enforcer.
The currency I think could be CAPS (also like fallout 3 – or something else that is common to find)

This is a Simple Start to My idea of a new game mode for Garry’s mod,
And the reason for posting this is so that I can Helpers to help me create this new RP and its community NGG – Next Generation Gamers.
What in place

  • The initial idea
  • The Server – 20 Slots
  • The Domain Name – NGGclan.com
  • The FacePunch Post

What We Need

  • Role Players to join a community to support the project.
  • Forum Moderators – Someone who can edit and change posts to take out threats and Keep Forums up to date.
  • A Website (I can handle This but help is welcome).
  • lua Coder to work WITH ME on this project and not FOR ME !
  • A mapper to HELP on creating a custom map.
  • Other Player Ideas, this is not a one man show here I want the input from the Gmod RP community on how to make the RP experience better

This initial idea came from a Movie THE BOOK OF ELI & Fall out 3
The idea is not to release this public but to keep it private yet allow others to maybe rent servers from us and give them owner status not letting them get a hold of these files

Anyone wanting to give advice on this game mode on how to make it better please feal free to give suggestions. Also this is to start a community im not looking for a coder to help me then leave I want people who like GOOD roleplay to join the community and make This work

** UPDATE********************************************************************************************************************************************
We are implementing Skills into the gamemode and an XP Level System

Barter – Adjust the buy and sell prices from vendors
Strength –Adjusts How much you can carry in your backpack. And how much damage you cause with melee weapons and fists.
Stamina – Adjusts how long you can sprint for.
Agility – Adjusts How Fast you can run.
Medical - Adjusts how much you are healed by any medical ENT.
Melee – Decides what level of melee weapons you can equip.
Gun – Decides what level of guns you can equip.
XP - decides what level you are, each level you get 5 skill points to spend.
LVL – just for show and to add a little competition to the game (thinking of adding mount, buggy and / or dirt bike and level will apply to when you can get these items).

The Money Will Be caps

Awesome, but make the weapons VERY difficult to get, don’t make the same mistakes like rick.

Dumb? The guy who rated it like this is.
If you like DarpRP its your problem.

no nothing like DRP

but i have to say i do enjoy some DRP now and then

Coming to facepunch for this is a very bad idea. Most big communities usually start off by asking their friends on steam to help, not by asking random people you don’t know on FP. You basically are asking for people to provide you with absolutely everything and just saying “it’s for the community not me” doesn’t change a thing.

hay no problem man, thanks for the input but most of my steam friend are in another community and they like it atm. so im here and im here to make my mark.

-Role Players to join a community to support the project.
-Forum Moderators – Someone who can edit and change posts to take out threats and Keep Forums up to date.

I can help with this two things.

The question is, are you good at doing those things or do you just want power?

Tell you what kamy you can help with both but the moderators position is temp until you prove that you are able occupy the position maturely. does this sound good ?

I’m not wanting power. I just love RP, even if it is DarkRP with 9000 mingebags rdming. /lie

This gamemode will pwn.


I’ll do my best.

i Think we have a core member Sprouting here :slight_smile:

Hey i can help out with forum moderator/manager (because i can handle this sorta stuff from experience through school amazingly and im online regularly) i can help do some mapping and i can just do whatever else comes at me if u needed me to help with the website like desiging adding new features or what ever im a really smart person and willing to spend hours on end to help you guys

EDIT: umm some more info: im willing to donate money if this gets to a state that people regularly come on or we need more money to make it one of the better rp experiences online i have a small server myself nothing much but there we try to keep to highest standards as we could possibly be im not immature and can handle jobs that need constant tlc (tender loving care) and supervision im from australia and i am experienced with gmod and running a gmod server so i can help out with technical difficulties also
And i usually play on IC-RP a well formed community of rpers with there own gamemode that has been up for about 5 years but i also go on any other random dark rp server sometimes just for the hit of backyard rp (as what i call it in other words mingebag galore plenty of errors gm_construct you know)

Id like to see a gmod icon on the clans website and i think this gamemode will be a great ide ill keep editing this post to give u some ideas and other things

Oh some questions id like to ask:

How long has the clan been around (a year a month 2 years?)

how many slots do most of your servers have and how many servers do you have?

Is the servers you are on popular (10-15 a week 100-200 a week? it doesn’t matter if it isn’t every clan starts somewhere)

ahh thats about it.

i can be a forum moderator mapper and what ever else you really need me to help in the form of administration on css and gmod :slight_smile: thanks for the reply in advance good or bad

youre in too then as our mapper and wen helper. add me on steam search war dawg in community tab :slight_smile:

Thanks mate

I’m willing to help. I know basic to intermediate mapping, designing. And im currently learning modeling.
Or i could just help by giving ideas and helping bug test and the like.

hay man add me we will talk :slight_smile:

Yeah… You’ve got me on ignore when i tried to add you…

lol il add u then

Does anyone else want to help out we currently have these positions vacant

lua coders: 1 more position
War Dawg

Mappers: 1 more position

Modelers: 3 positions

Texture artist: 3 more positions

Any one else wishing to just go and rp on the server is welcome ill post the IP up here and also take a look at our website/forum join and join the group at nggclan.com we hope to make it a wonderful and user friendly server and gamemode we are starting from scratch so it won’t be another dark rp.

Website back up guys


im working on the forum so dont expect to many places to post

hi, i would love to be apart of this.
i can make a good map and im starting to learn how to model, also i have fallout 3 so if we do need models i can get them