a gamemode

I began to play GMod again and I remember there was a gamemode that was with teams, and you needed to grab a ball and hold it for a time and before the game you could build like a base or something to protect the ball from the others teams and I remember there was just one server (or not) of this anyway, somebody knows the name of it?

and could you tell me the best servers of RP? or give me the ip :v: thanks.

The best RP is no RP. I think i know what you’re talking about with the ball but i have no idea what its called

Depends on what kind of RP…

DarkRP=No RP at all, equal to HL2:DM but with more kiddies

Phase Four= Semi-Roleplay. Sometimes roleplay, but with common goals as in DarkRP

HL2RP and New Vegas Roleplay= Currently the most serious roleplay, even though there aren’t many good servers these days…

Isn’t that fortwars?

Yeah, sounds like fortwars.
You grab the “flag” (ball) and have to have your team hold it the longest after you build a base.

New Vegas isn’t even serious in my opinion. It’s repetitive as shit if you get on InfaggotGaming or ZARP.

  1. Get mugged.
  2. Get killed.
  3. Walk around for awhile.
  4. Get mugged.
  5. Repeat.

I don’t exactly think it’s the gamemode’s fault, more like the server’s. Seriously, let’s not have one-hundred lolmuggers and then only like ten NCR/people who are actually “good guys” as the server’s playerbase. It’s just dumb.

heey, it’s fortwars! thanks ppl and about the RP server, i’ll finf one by myself that I like =)

thks again

reminds me of gangwars rp, execpt

  1. mug
  2. get shot
  3. repeat
    (this is what noobs do.)

I put get killed in my post because you reminded me that the mugger always kills you afterwards.

It’s sad because this is actually what happened the very first time I tried New Vegas Roleplay.
I’m planning on running my own just to see how well I can pull it off, It’s most likely going to end up a server for just me and my friends.

Yeah, I would try and start my own but seeing as how all derps think that InfaggotGaming and ZARP are the only good communities out there, I can’t do much. Meh, I might try and host one and put an ad up once GMod gets fixed.

DarkRP is acceptable as long as you get the right playerbase-
not a bunch of ten year olds micspamming and shooting anything in sight.

You should team up and make babi-a server!