A gang showdown in the Interplanetary Megaprison.


i dunno. might keep making screen shots in this storyline.

Why is nobody shooting

the one guy already shot, and the other guy is taking aim, and everyone else is a pussy

Winner’d Goldengnome.

“The year is 2256. We still wearing ushanka’s”

Doesn’t look like a year 2256 Interplanetary Megaprison but more like a Soviet Union shitty building.

use your ImAgInAtIoN

you’re little story worked for me

but i just highly doubt that they would be able to get in rifle/large weapons if the planet was as tightly controlled as you say
if the rifles looked like really really really shitty rebel type guns constructed out of piping and scrap metal i’d be able to make an exception but the weapons simply look too refined for me to believe they were hacked together.