A Gangster aiming and one reloading

C&C, did it for Wystan because hr asked so nice :smiley:


Hmmm, seems a bit like “Public Enemy” to me, he requested it in spirit of the film i presume?

Pretty good, although the guy on the left, im not sure i like the way he’s holding his gun… That’s about the only real nitpick i have.


Pretty good. New faces for the Mysterious Stranger?

The posing isn’t very good.

You wouldn’t mind saying whats bad about it while you’re at it?

Except for the finger posing on the guy who’s reloading, I cant see much that makes the posing “not very good”.

The guy who’s reloading isn’t bad, although he’s a little too hunched over, but the guy on the right is who the comment was aimed at. He’s doing the irritating “chicken wing” thing where his elbow is almost level with his shoulder. His head is also in a strange position. Come to think of it, the guy on the left’s head is in a strange position too; he’s looking left at his magazine but his head is also tilted to the left and that just doesn’t look, or feel, natural.

You asked.

Fair enough

where did you get the models? Can i get a link maybe??? :slight_smile:

Yeah, the only thing that bothers me is the finger posing. Nice job overall.

I Honestly don’t like the lighting, posing doesn’t bother me though, I see the chicken wing but It’s complimenting this picture.

I think the lighting is too dark going too bright. Over contrasted or something?
Not so sure. It’s really the “tiger striped” jackets that get to me, it’s a real eye sore.
Anyone else see that?

Like I said. Can’t tell you.

Are those head hacks, or just good editing?

Inflater tool I’m guessing.