A general question

let’s say hypotheticall
hypothetically (this is hypothetical)
what if i wanted to make a bitcoin miner (not real its a hyporthetical situation)
that hypothetically uses people’s pcs without their knowledge
can someone send me the lua code to do this on my darkrp server on gmod 2 thank you.!

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Hypothetically, you should’ve asked here:

Hypothetically tho.

hypothetically i thank yopu!

This is horrible! You sound very suspicious, I am starting to think that you’re not asking for a hypothetical, but you want to do this!

This does sound kind of malicious, What’s your intent? for what gain?

No one will play on your server because of lags.

Hypothetically you could get in trouble!!! Hypothetically.

What’s up with people wanting to make bitcoin miners mine via other people’s pc thru S&box, this is like the 2nd thread.