A generic picture of a Gun Man shooting a AUG

Testing the Minivan and my hexed aug out

The muzzleflash kinda looks like a firework, but it’s a good picture.

Is that car from GTA IV?

I want it


Good pose, but I do agree it looks kind of like a firework.


Anyway, Pretty nice pose, but the muzzle flash looks odd.

Nice posing, how do people do it there has to be a guide.

You got ninja’d btw admit it.

But he’s not looking into the scope.

Nice find, wow big error.

Nope, I knew the other guy had said that, I was supporting his point.

Why would he be shooting right next to that car? The ejected bullets would ricochet off the window and hit him in the face.

Not really, they are going downawrd, worst case they hit his leg, OH NO.