a German King Tiger tank shoots at a jeep


Been making too much generic stuff lately, attempting to get back into action

Original for anyone to take a peek http://www.cubeupload.com/files/594c00rnlstcomedumont0003.jpg

The muzzle is beautiful the explosion is meh at best.

I spent most of the time on the dirt/explosion :smithicide:

It looks like a giant blood splat is coming out of the ground because the dirt is so red.

The editing is okay although the picture is weirdly dark.

The big problem with this though is the weird camera angle.

Dirt = brown
big bright light behind dirt shine through dirt
Dirt = redish


yeah i took an odd angle i know, i tried to avoid it but i couldn’t fit everything in cleanly and have it looking fine, this was as good as i could get it :frowning:

You should just look at some reference pictures.

To be quite honest I don’t see a bright light behind the dirt.

Sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your PM. I woulda helped you, but I was in school at the time.

As said before, explosion needs more work, and the way some of the effects go in the foreground of the tank doesn’t look so good. Like that smoke over the barrel doesn’t really make any sense, and just looks pasted on.

I don’t think a King tiger would loose a 88mm rounds for a jeep, it has a MG42 for that kind of vehicle. Angle is strange. The idea is good!


I sorta tried to draw the effects, but Sorta failed. Don’t tear apart the edit to much, only my 6th and my first explosion of dirt and muzzle flash.

Protip: fire emits light, so don’t make it as dark as the surrounding scenery.

Thanks, I am still sorta new, I edit anything I can get my hands on.

You shouldn’t have smudged the grass, you should have done everything in separate layers and what not.

Well i blurred it because the grass would be shred up around the explosion (assuming you mean next to the explosion) but your right, it was lazy :v:

It’s cool but the angle of the main gun is bad. And we can’t see the recoil of the panzer.