A german officer is running in the trench while 3 german soldiers are shooting and a fourth one is dead

Sorry, I could’nt think of a better title :v: .


I think I put to much grain but on the other side, I think my edit turned out allright.

[sp]shit, i missed the second nazi on the ground in the title[/sp]

This is the most literal title I’ve ever seen.
Not as good as some of your other stuff, but I like it.



I like the Panzer-Faust trooper, very good work!

Nice work, was this scene build or a map?

It’s a scenebuild on gm_flatgrass.

Keep it up mate! You are hero of the Vaterland!


Did you make the models as well? the trenches and pill boxes? never seen them before.

Ninja Nub’s WIP

The only thing that pulls me away is the hand of the dead soldier cliping thru the trench, i love the rest.

Nice pose, I’m not a fan of the lighting, though. Did you add AO in post processing? Because it looks that way.

my only issue is i think there should be more smoke and dust coming from the panzerfaust, backblast on anti tank weapons is huge if you watch any combat footage ever, other than that 10/10

panzerfausts arefired wit the tube under ur shoulder

Lighting is incredibly sub-par.

Are you sure fullbright isn’t on?

Yeah, I didn’t even use fullbright for this one so I’m 100% sure it isn’t on.

And you’re positive you didn’t accidentally turn it on?

Absolutely : I’ve found the original yesterday and it has the flatgrass default lighting, so, I guess my color correction was pretty shitty.