A german soldier looking at a just killed american.

Edit and pose by me. C&C please.


You know what not a bad blend attempt on the purple and back checkers. The posing is a BIT stiff on the German, and you should do something with his other hand rather than leave it idle like that.

Damn Nazis.

Thanks, the dod:s ragdolls really need improved rigging.


That’s why it’s a bit stiff.

Give the nazi a cigarete and let him hold 2 lugers instead of one…then youll have a picture

Actually the Luger P08 wasn’t really used in battle, the Walther P38 took its place in about 41 or 42.

Both where used, but the P38 was more common, because the luger jammed a lot when it was dirty.

Blood is a little bright.
Posing on the German is quite bad.
Camera angle isn’t very interesting.

The Luger was only really used by officers. It was officially replaced by the P38 in 1938 (hence the name).

Chesty, Facepunchs very own historian.

I know that i’m not stupid, the p08 was from WWI and outdated but I have no HQ P38 reskin so i used the p08. The posing on the german sucks i know :confused: