A German Squad coordinates an airtstrike



-Did tiny bit of Dodging and burning for German Soldiers
-D&B’d Stuka’s wings
-Used Chesty’s muzzle flash for the Cannons
-Added Gauss and Motion blur to all three planes and their propellers
-Error on the largest tracer
-I got too lazy to fix it after I realized that you should isolate a triangular path in order to make a nice tracer like the one to the left but I could care less now


I don’t like the left side of the picture.

The dodging and burning looks pretty good.

Tracers aren’t good. I like the rest of the picture

Where did you get those skin?

Nice picture.

Download it off of Taggarts God-Pack :stuck_out_tongue:

They were made by Wile E. Coyote

my shitty edit

i like the bmw r12 (the bike) nice edits both of you

Motor bike model link please?

nice scenebuild. but you need to work on editing more.
have an artistic.

Most of the model are from resistance and liberation.(if not link please)

And the bike isn’t a kettenkraftrad?

Can you give me a link for the taggart pack?