A German's thoughts on rust

Hello dear Rust developer team

This is my first time I post my thoughts on the rust alpha and you may guess what it is about:

Item Durability.
Since I logged in to find out about item durability I have a very bad feeling about it.
Rust is neither a minecraft nor a DayZ Clone and thats good. But I dont think that theres a need for this sin called durability.
After my personal experience in rust a player dies faster and more often than in the games I named before and you loseall your stuff when dead and then you need to recraft it.
But why should I take some extra gear with me like 3 or 4 hatchets and pickaxes or 4 rifles. All this takes place in my bag and this really annoys me.
I think the only limit I should have when I go farming is my bag telling me theres no more space for a sheet of paper in a bag full of wood and rocks and by that time it was okay form e.

So please (please please please) get item durability OUT oft he game.
If you mind about all the extra gear you find on your way out farming: How about decrafting? We could use the workbench to destroy items we found or crafted to get ½ or ¼ of its producing costs? I think that this would make items we dont necessary need more attractive to take when we go farming.

These are just my 2 cents.
I know you guys really dont have that much time to answer all of your gamers requests. But a simple note telling me you read and may have thought about my ideas would mean a lot to me

A german rust player :wink:

I like item durability but it does need to be nerfed some. Needing to take two pickaxes and hatches out to harvest with the risk of being killed and losing them sucks.

Why do you feel the need that you have to say you’re German?

because he is probably new to the internetz.

but to get back to the topic…

ITEM DURABILITY SUCKS! worst change so far

maybe change the M4 for an MP40 aswell?

I wanted a more creative thread title than “DAFUQ WAI DURABILITY FUU”

If it does not suffer from durability I’m ok with that :wink:

Im now thinking of

I don’t mind item durability, but the current rate is ridiculous.

Yeah my opinion too.
If they let the durability in it, they should decrease the waste-rate.
With a Stone hatchet I probably can take around 10-20 piles of something.
That’s way too less.
The Idea isn’t that bad, but they need a little more work on that.

You don’t provide any real reasons as to why they shouldn’t have durability, except that you choosing to bring more tools with you to counter it causes you to lose some inventory space.