A GetParent Function??


What I am searching for is a GetParent Function or something like this. Because I try to modfiy Avons Stargatepackage and the SG-Mod for my Server.
The shields are already modified and now works fine like in SG1, but now i try to modifiy the Glider- and Hatakstaffweapons. Both should make different damge and should have a different energyusage. The energyusage i already did.
But for damage both SENTs spawns a new SENT which does the damage.
Now i search a function which can call me which of the both staffweapon SENTs the shot itself created.

Would be nice if anybody here can help me.

Greetings Obstsalat

I’m going to rephrase your question in a form readable by humans. Tell me if I get it right, then I can give you an answer.

“I’m trying to change the damage of Stargate’s Glider and Hatakstaff weapons. However, both weapons shoot out entities that do the damage and I do not know how to change this damage. Is there a way to get the entities that the weapons are shooting?”

You dont get it right.
I know the entity both shoot.
The problem is both uses the same entity. Now i want to modify the damage of this entity.
This i want to do with a simple IF Statement, but i need a function which tells me if the hatak- or the gliderstaffweapon spawned this entity.

I hope you unterstand me^^

So you want to modify the damage the entity does based on what shot it?


By the way: does anyone know why i got no forumstyle? Only blue links and white background?