A Ghost killing some Blue Suns


Editing/effects look pretty good. Is the green thing a plasma/psi/something knife?

Nice but the blue suns look a bit stiff, almost like you copied one and pasted it oppisite of the other. And just curious, where did you get the pistol the ghost is holding?

Lightsaber blade.


Mass Effect 2 weapons pack.

The models look extremely low quality and the blood looks pretty bad, muzzle flash looks small, but the lazers and the glow look very nice.

I think the guy getting shot is reacting to much to something that just happened and the muzzleflash is quite small. I’m cool with everything else. I also find myself strangely aroused by the chick dancing in Spartan armor in your avatar.


Why do you always pose blue suns killed? They are uber!

Kill eclipse, please.

The glow on the ghost’s visor looks just weird to be honest.

Also Eclipse = more bad-ass than blue suns by far

The laser beam just looks strange.