A Ghoul Reaver And Security officer talking in the wastes + Security officer drinking



** Bonus! 1 time only(kidding)**


Posing seems a little wonky in the first picture and the camera angles in all three aren’t very exciting.
Ghoul looks quite camp.
Grimaced guard is grimaced.

I can’t change the ghoul’s faceposing, no rigging for it, also forgot to mention none of thsi is edited.(Fooling with ingame bloom/colormod/dof)

howd u get a deathclaw in der?

It’s not the faceposing that makes the ghoul camp, it’s his hand and head positioning.


I like the posing on the Ghoul for some reason, he is like “Who cares”, like really cocky.
Finger posing is really nice too.
The posing on the guy doesnt seem quite nice tho, his right shoulder is kinda arsed backwards.
Angles are quite boring.

Crap, weren’t you perma’d?
The lazy mods must know you are deathbucket by now… Jesus, can you make that fucking megathread where you post all your work, AND NEW WORKS? It is all shit and I dont want to have to look at it, and you change fp user like every week so its hard to know if it’s you before I click the thread.

The only reason i’m not perma’d again is because i haven’t trolled Screenshots on this account.


Also seriously who do you think you are? you’re not the king of screenshots, if anybody should earn that it’s Chesty or Vman. you don’t have to look at everything.

Trust me, sooner or later you will be banned by Benji for “being an alt of a perma-banned troll.”

You’re trolling right now with your shit screenshots. You’ve been posing for over a year and I know people who have been posing for like a week who can do 100 times better then you.

Also it looks like you don’t have AA at all. I don’t know why. It could be just me.

He does have AA. I quite like the first picture, aside from the wonky shoulder, and the posing on the ghoul could be a little better, but I think it could have a nice story. :v:.

The rest are just… o.o… Well, the rest of the thread’s replies will agree with me on those.