A Gift of Warmth


Really been trying to push my editing boundaries lately so I can bring my pictures to life, constructive criticism highly appreciated.

p.s. take a second to drop a rating it means more than you think

why do the cyan-colored glowing bits darken the armor instead of lighting it up

needs shadows too

What makes them look darker?

Tweaked it a little in some areas, tried to make the feet less sharp and added in some lighting I forgot, I also tried to make the cyan lights brighter. Tried to edit in some shadows but I’ve never done it before.

it looks good!, it would be awesome if you added snow falling and wind blowing effects idk how you would do it but it would look alot better!

Good use of the “Fireball” anomaly from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Overall, decent picture, but it should focus on the girl and her frigid state more that the scenery. While the editing is fantastic, the body language need a bit of work.

Hunched forward, resting her forearms on her legs, she should be using both hands to capture as much warmth as possible. Tired but happy, her face should heavily show that she has spent most of her life shivering, and that this orb of awesome is a rare treat. And wouldn’t she be inside (enclosed spaces capture ambient heat better), not sitting around in the open? If this is a frozen world, she just revealed herself for several miles in every direction!

Hope this helps for future works!

they look much better now