A Gimp tutorial on skinning a FO3 model with custom content

Hey, I would appreciate it if someone can make a tutorial on re-skinning a FO3 model ( Like ghouls, Deathclaw, Brotherhood of Steel etc) using custom content. Examples like sliferz’s hexed models, Deathbucket’s, and the Deathclaw skins. I PM’ed sliferz’s about it but there was a missing link for gimp and he said he used Photoshop for his skins. If you can that would be great and programs too if you can

I can give you a link to GIMP along with two useful plug-ins: Normal Map Filter, DDS Import/Export.

Also a link to the Hexing program I use: XVI32 and the VTF converter VTFEdit

I can’t help you on the Fallout 3 ripping side but if you google search it your likely to find something.

And I think you mean re-skinning as skinning is something else entirely.

Thanks for pointing that out, I feel stupid now. Thanks for the links too

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Hmm, I think I see what to do. Export the original materials, open in Gimp, open the new sheet as a layer, save, and import to VTF. Maybe I got it

Sounds about right. Though I don’t know what you mean with this layers buisiness. If you have the material (from Fallout or whatever) just save it as a bmp or png (or tga if you want to be fancy) and import it into VTF format. Then you’ll have to write a VMT for it (but your best bet is modding the original VMT if your re-skinning).

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