A Girl Walks Through the Fields on her Fathers Farm (because we're all a bit tired of gun poses).

Its in png so might take a short time to load (I can’t be bothered to open GIMP/photoshop and save it in other formats).


All edited in game as per usual, scene build on GM_Flatgrass. I was listening to this if it helps get you in the mood (but I believe you should create the mood, not rely on music):

I don’t know how I feel about all the colors.
I am too used to everyone’s dark poses and such.

Neat posing, but a bit bright for me.

The grass looks rather aliased, other than that it’s cool.

Pretty picture. The aliasing on the grass is the only thing that bothers me.

source engine is pretty rubbish like that, usually it gets blurred by the blur tool ingame but this time I wanted to focus on the middle. It bothers me too.

And then she ends up on the moon

Absolutely great.

Maybe it’s my monitor but it’s way oversaturated, I can barely make out the face.
That chair on the side doesn’t feel like it should be there.

I like the foreground, though.

I felt like the child might be playing in the fields, so she brought a chair and a few books with her to read in the summer day.

nice pose for a change.

I’m not tired of gun poses.

Pretty cool scenebuild.

She is surrounded by crows.

No guns and too much colours; shit pose.

in all seriousness, very nice

Very peaceful

No violence? What is this? Are you Ghandi or something?

[sp]jk, nice calm pic man[/sp]

All you do is Terminator and Megadeth poses, of course you’re not. :v:


If that was supposed to be a joke, I’m not laughing.

It was :c

well if you know where the model comes from, they’re quite fitting.

I was expecting it to be a gif of her stepping on a landmine.
Facepunch has brainwashed me.