A GI's Worried Mind - Jenny's Mag

So I made another Vietnam war pic. It’s about this GI about to land on the Vietnamese beach close to the front lines thinking of her girl back in San Francisco. Yes, I got the name “Jenny” from Forrest Gump (one of my favorite movies of all times). I hope you like the thread music! C&C is appreciated

I also had this in mind, but "San Francisco (Wear flowers in your hear) is much more fitting, in my opinion.



Original with Green screen background (JPEG):

PS: I’m aware of the weird outline on the soldiers arms

For some reason, the green screen is still there when I click it…the posing is great though!

You mean when you click on the thumbnail of the original pic?

Yeah, it showed up as a green screen with everything posed on it.

Well, no shit.

lol I’m sorry, but I don’t think you get it. On the “original” I’m showing the set without any visual effects or editing (the vanilla). I added the green screen background without any other editing, if that’s what you want to see