A gladiator- and a pow about to face off in an arena ring

Went back to the old theme when I found out Jason287 had ported the clown masks from Arkham city.

Looks coooooool!!!

Adoring your reskins, as usual.

Looks like a badass clown.

What model is that? Badashog pose! Keep it up.

Exorade, i fucking love your work.

That clown thing… whatever the fuck it is… seems to be an ingame kitbash.
I’m interested in what model that guy on the right is though (bloke in blue clothing for ease of reference).

Same as above, I’d liek to know who the blue guy is too.

Spartacus of the Future.

It would be cool if you showed two characters fighting.

Cod 4 Loyalist reskinned US cavalry with Bloo’s decapped citizen head.


I see.
So basically this pic is made up of ingame kitbashes.

But it’s good anyway.