A glass table.

I’ve been working on this map lately:


I’ve remade a part of the alice in wonderland chamber of doors but It needs a glas table as a reference to alice in wonderland.


would be victorian aged.

Do you have a reference picture or something? I’ve never read the book or seen either movie.


and then something like this perhaps a bit simpeler


couldnt find a picture of a 3 legged table.

Thatmap suburb house has one. But someone needs to edit the model for it to stay together. I don’t know if its what your looking for since i ain’t seent that movie.

do you have a link for the suburb house?

Propper would do the trick.

thats the method of first making something in hammer and then make it into a model?

would rather use sketchup then. If someone could tell me how to turn it into a model for hammer without trouble shooting.

Hammer isn’t very forgiving with Sketchups geometry. Whatver it doesn’t like, it deletes.

And it still exports to a vmf.

yup noticed

but it is kind of strange i mean why cant it be made into a model? normal models don’t aply to the hammer rules either or am i wrong here?

When you use propper, you can do whatever.

is there perhaps a way to first port a sketchup model into another modeler, and then export them to hammer?