A Global Chat between servers.

I’ve looked around for one of these but all of them were outdated. If there is already one out there that works for 13 could you link it? If not, how/where could I start learning how to code this kinda thing?

For the 200,001th time - this is developer discussion, not ‘find me a script’.

Didn’t say I wouldn’t do the work. Besides why not ask? A lot of the users on here are friendly and like to help each other.

Yeah, but they won’t walk you throught making such a system as it requires lua and mysql knowledge which I bet you lack.

Lua part is quite easy, but mysql thing is quite a fkery

It would be better to use sockets instead of mysql as it would be faster. See the glsocks2 module.

This might be what you are looking for.

Thank you, at least its a guide of some sorts lol.

I have no idea why you would use MySQL, it would be a performance hog with update and select queries every second. Implement IRC into chatbox.

Make /irc command.

Well I tried this lol, it brought my whole server down for some odd reason. Looking into it. In the mean time im going to see if I can make something myself.