A globally wanted request

Hey there, as many of you know, the team fortress 2 mann vs machine update brought the robot models into gmod, and i was wondering if anyone could work on turning those models into player models, npcs, et cetera, for release on garrymod.org, i am sure many others are wanting this too.

If it were so global then why are you the first asking?


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If there is a hexed model maybe I could try making a SNPC…

Don’t think you need a hexed model, since MVM is officially in TF2, you can just go to “Browse” and find those bot models yourself.

yes,the models are there, but they are without any animations for player/npcs, so they are rendered useless if you don’t give them any, i think someone might be able to use gfcscape to grab there anims from tf2 and make them work with npcs and player models, but that’s if im lucky.

hello again, i was wondering if i could get some more feedback, i need to know if this is going to happen or not, if anyone can take up this project, that would be awesome, but i fully understand that you people don’t HAVE to do anything.

Most of the time you can easily get a model to work for players, like in CS:S you can spawn the playermodel / the normal ragdoll by just removing or adding c_ or ct_ in front of the model name.

If, I really don’t know, players can use this model as playermodel in TF2, I think there’s some similar thing here. Like instead of models/characters/model.mdl, you could try to go to /models/players/model.mdl (this is the case with HL2 (player)models.

well i was thinking of the model, and its animations which someone (else, my comp cant install it for some reason) could grab with gcfscape, being used for players, but the models anims from tf2 being used as replacement on that particular model, i don’t know if that’s possible, but if it is, im sure many ppl (including me)will find that awesome!

You can also download a portable version of GCFScape, which you don’t have to install.
Problem solved.

And now the helpful answer:
Hire someone to do it for you or find it out yourself or wait for someone to make it themself. Don’t tell us that “everyone wants this”, like said before, you’re the only and the first one.

the portable version requires Microsoft.NET something or other and a c++ thingy which i also cannot install, i had a long night trying to install it a few days ago, believe me, and as for telling you that “everybody wants this” i dident, i said “a lot of people want this” they just haven’t said it yet, besides, 2 pretty good lua snpc makers have posted on this thread a few times, they might just make robot snpcs, you never know.

Your the only one who wants this.

…no, it’s probably going to get thousands of downloads if its released

1000s of downloads in what timeframe?

i dunno…weeks, maybe less, but seriously, if this could be done, i would love the maker forever(not in a gay way)

Is somebody else wanted this they would have requested it.

could we stop this stupid argument please? it was the most fitting title i could think of when i made this thread!!

Well its not globally wanted, You should have said MVM Playermodels.

i cant rename it, can i?

I think you can.

really? i can’t find it anywhere… weird…