A gmod 9 viral song

Back in the day of Gmod 9 I once got one of those infamous LUA viruses,
if I remember correctly what it would do was delete your boot32 and while ingame play a song on a loop.
What I’m trying to do is find that song, because while back then I had little technical knowledge and it actually cost me a computer,
the song itself was pretty good. I’d like to hear it again.
I have looked on Google for any kind of list or database of LUA viruses to no avail,
and searching for it directly has gotten me nowhere either. I used to know the guys username that made it but I have since forgotten it,
I do know he was a fairly well known member on facepunch though.

Does anyone know which virus I’m speaking of, or the name of the song?

I believe his username was “Chrisaster”. (I might be wrong) I only remember the “scary gman virus” which was pretty much a very loud scream spammed at you and your screen covered with a large picture of gman’s face texture. I can’t seem to remember any song. (oh and some porn video downloading numerous times.)

Jetboom was responsible for the Face/racehook virusses of gm9.

Doesn’t surprise me.

I liked the ULM (UberLeetMod) / UFM (UberFeetMod) “lua viruses” the best just because it was funny to see it spread to nearly every server when it first came out, and it just added an unrestricted rcon command anyone could use.

Yeah, half the fun of gmod 9 right there. :dance: