A Gmod Rail Shooter

A simple gamemode that is like the classic Rail Shooters (one’s I remember playing). PUT ME IN YOUR CREDITS!

Try using the new Twitch weapons for gmod, there useful. other than that, the rest is up to whoever trys making this gamemode. There should be two goals: Have the highest score if evryone dies, or Who ever beats the adventure. how many adventures, and what kind are up to you.

EDIT: I dont know how to get video’s to show on facepunch threads, so live with these links.

here are some good examples of a Rail shooter:

Time Crisis:

Carnevil (favorite ^^): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOw40ZNeYwY

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3AgMsBMo5o

and of course House of the Dead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jyOGX67BjQ

I hope this will be a reveloutinary idea to Garrysmod’s never ending idea’s!

I LOVE RAIL SHOOTERS! And please have “space” replace the reload button for this gamemode or it will be harder than it should be. And don’t forget to use the crosshair-drifts-across-the-screen technique or it won’t seem like a rail shooter at all.

I dont know how to make a gamemode. Im putting this idea out to anyone at all who want’s to try this.

I know, but still. Heck, you can quote my previous post and put it in your original one.

Just a quick question: If someone did make this, why would they need to put you in the credits? Surely, if they have just spent the time making it, then they wouldn’t need to give credit to one of the many people who happened to suggest it at one stage.

cause no one would be working on it. cause in my opinion, not alot of people know what a rail shooter is! That’s why the links to several vid are on here

I knew rail shooters only as arcade shooters w/light guns until you showed what they were. And I think lots of people will think “rail shooter” means “an SWEP that shoots rails”, lol.

that’s why i put vid link here (mentioned before)

…I know…But I wonder if anyone else will post here…

only if they honestly think this idea is good enough for someone to create this gamemode. It’ll be like putting the player on a track.

Well yeah.

I like seeing battles of the noobs on these here threads.

lookd your all welcome to say this is a good or bad idea. but this isnt a battle. If anyone want’s to make this. then tell me first. also tell me your ideas for this.

This was an option for the EVG/NC development team, but we dropped it in favor of other things. If any coder is really interested in this, fire me a PM, I’d be happy to produce maps.

May’be your shou’ld u’se korrect grammer?