A GMod Theme Song?

Because if Garry wants one I can compose one. Most Source games have some background sounds in the main menu, why shouldn’t GMod have some? I was thinking something maybe a comical theme song, something along the lines of early 20th century dixie, but a bit slower. I would use a tuba (for that funny bass), trombone(s), trumpet(s), a clarinet, maybe a piano, and drums.

I already have a ideas for a catchy song.

GMod does not need a theme song :v:

Why not?

GMod doesn’t need a theme song, but that doesn’t mean that one would be a bad idea. I, personally, think you should ask Garry himself about this.

You should compose a sample and see how the world reacts.

Sorry guys, that’s a great idea. It would be epic.

What about that “garrysmod on windows 95” Video music? That was intense.

He should do one of those comptetion’s and get people to submit there work :slight_smile:

Best one wins and gets to be the Gmod Theme tune :slight_smile:

Hell Yes!
I would completely vote for something that was kind of circus/comical like and had a tuba!
I googled circus music… it scared the shit out of me.


No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Don’t put that on GMod. º_º Sigh

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Put that on GMod. º_º AWESOME!

Kidding :smiley:


F. A. I. L. U. R. E.

Fearful Arrogant Insecure Lonely Uncertain Resentful Embarrassment.

That’s some good copy pasta.


I vote this.

Fuck yes, it doesn’t HAVE to be official, we just need someone to come up with some crazy ass background for the garrysmod screen and then put this music on a repeat in the background


Fuck me and my low resolution screen.

Thanks :slight_smile: I found it myself on an online acronym wordbook :smiley:

Living in the Sunlight… no. Just, no.

Why not… The Fallen?

The first few lines are perfectly matched with the game. :smiley:
But the guitar rythm is awesome.

I can also make it play when gmod starts up.