A good admin mod OTHER than ULX.

Yeah, well i’ve been having some problems with ULX, so can someone point me to a good admin mod that has teams, custom groups, compatible with sui_scoreboard and has kick and ban and any other cool commands. I’ve tried serversecure(Which i really like, i just have no idea how to add myself as admin), i’ve also tried gNIX which is very nice, just i don’t like how it waits like 10 seconds before it loads the kernel.

There’s always ASSmod, but I don’t know if sui_scoreboard supports it. There’s also Evolve, but I’m even more certain that sui doesn’t support that.

ASSmod does support sui_scoreboard but i have no idea how to make custom ranks on it and rank up by time. And evolve is still in alpha/beta stages as far as i know


I was looking at Avalon and i REALLY like it, but i think Nevec has abandoned it or left it for now. :C

Admin mods really shouldn’t use teams. Fucks any other gamemode up than Sandbox.

No it doesn’t? Just use unique team numbers like instead of team 1 make it team 81. Ahh the simple things.

But it’s also not hard to do it without teams.

A player can only be assigned to one team. If the gamemode depends on teams and the admin mod comes in with its own, the gamemode will screw up, even if the teams have unique IDs.

Holy crap, I never realized that Team thing. I only ever play Sandbox, so I never even thought about it.

Evolve will probably come with its own scoreboard and support for sui.

Yea i know that, i thought he was talking about over-writing another team etc.

Personally, I think most admin mods have a lot of unnecessary cruft, I just wrote my own for internal use.

I still like evolve.

That’s why you want them to be completly module based! :dance:

And it’s easily done. I don’t see why more people don’t write them that way.

Because some people don’t know C++ too well :saddowns:

But you don’t need C++ to make a module system for an admin mod?

I think you’re mistaking “module” for “binary module(dll)” =P

Tell me one person here who actually knows what modular coding really is. And don’t say, “anyone who knows how to make a global function that plugs into the admin mod.”

I do :v:

It’s not that hard, really. Lua already supports it, takes about a line of code to turn a library into a module.

But will that really make it modular? Modules are supposed to be independent entities that don’t rely on other modules. Slapping a nice ‘module( “blah” );’ at the top won’t cut it.

It’s also not bad to write addons/admin mods in a non-modular way. And certainly having a modular plugin system without the whole addon being a one big module won’t make it less modular.

Classes, OO… My first programming language was in fact C++!
I recommend reading http://www.lua.org/pil/ there is a lot of interesting stuff, including some things to help with OO