A good cheap vps hoster

Hello, i am looking for a vps hoster that could host me :
Ram: 512GB +
Diskspace: 16 - 20MG
OS: Windows 2003 32/64bit
remote desktop enabled
one dedicated ip or more
Data transfere limit /mo : 500MG or more

I am looking for somthing in the cost’s of 15GBP to 20 per/mo

Hope facepunch could help me :slight_smile:

you could definitely get a good linux vps on that budget

UK presumably?

Yeah… you’re going to have a hard to finding one of those.

Anyway, I’d suggest fanaticalvps.

Pretty sure fanaticalvps only does Linux based OS’s, so that’s out.

Yes , or france , or at least in europe , i am ok

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I just sent an email to there sales email. I hope they do allow people to chose windows , even if it is for an extra. If they do , i am 99% sure i will go with them :slight_smile:

http://vds.poundhost.com/Default.aspx 24£ if you got a bit extra

not sure i have that buget per month , i will still look at it :slight_smile:

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Way too expensive , sorry :frowning:

i found this , and looks good. Anyone had good paste expirience with them?


How many servers are you trying to host?

Well, my dedicated server has 12 GB of RAM, but…

I’m running around 4 servers, all are being developed, so they are constantly changing maps/rebooting. Here’s a so you have an idea. Keep in mind that you get 512 MB of RAM. Now calculate how much RAM you have with the damn thing booted…



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20 MB of disk space…do they even make SD cards in the MBs anymore?

what are you tying to say?

I was showing how much servers use idling, and that the OS uses some of that VPS RAM too.