a GOOD copy gun plz

hi well i used the advanced duplicator to gmod 10 and im disappointed its great in all ways accept 1 thing
remember gmod 9 vmf copygun awesome yea
1 of its + was when u copyed something the props stod like they where when u copyed em with the advanced duplicator it rotates with u so its hard to get it straight do any one now a copy gun thath is like thath?

too fucking lazy to turn it around, yourself?

I dont think there’s a way of doing that.

lazy ? nah its yust thath i usually build bases and some times i need an extra wall which might contain 12 props and then u notice its not straight then try and try again but no then RAGE hits computer computer blows commits suicide lol nah but still its pretty hard to get it right

oh and there is one thath does the vmf copy gun for gmod 10 but it wont work for me and its not done 100% yet :frowning: its a beta enoying cuz u cant save but u can load etleast u shoud be able to but i cant


yea agree if u havent played gmod 9 or had vmf to it u probably wont now what im talking about