A good Gamemode?

Well, looking for a fun-noob friendly RP gamemodes.

What i’ve tried so far and im just too bored of it now, liked it on the beginning, i still do but i want something new.

1942RP(Based on DarkRP)
Gang Wars
Another one which idk its name, but you level up and shit by killing zombies.

Anyways, suggest. Thanks.

Try something that isn’t roleplay, it gets boring after a while

I want RP :confused:

You want RDM.

Try some RPG GM’s. There are some good ones out there.

What do you mean?

Perp or cityrpg is what i think he meant.

Tried 'em all.

Weren’t you already on Hl2rp?
Saw you on two different Hl2Rp servers. You ran after me, trying to punchwhore me :expressionless:

It really sounds now that you just want everything served on a plate infront of you. Go do some research yourself instead of just putting down their ideas. Describe what RP gamemodes you like. A “fun-noob gamemode” won’t get you anywhere - that’s basically every RP server out there.

Pretty serious RP, Real life is alright, OR, WW2ish RP.


Hmm, you mentioned Half-Life 2 rp. Have you played Terminator RP?

In my opinion, I enjoy Deathrun or Bhop every once in a while.

Yes… And that too… God i forget to add shit.

Zombie Survival RP(ish) server: DreamBoxStudios.co.uk:27015

Its not bad, you can buy weapons and ammo and upgrades :smiley:

Greenshift is a great gamemode that my server is running. if you ever feel interested in joining, Please join this IP:

And here’s the link to the gamemode page if you want to know more about it. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1100070


You could try : deathrun