a good haunted house map?

So me and my friend want to get some adrenaline pumping, we played some, some were scary but not good enough so I have thought some of you might know some very good maps out in here?

Thanks a bunch.

Not exaclty haunted house, but very haunted indeed: try gm_ghosthunt and gm_ghosthunt2. Both of them are just a quick search away on garrysmod.org. Though keep in mind to load it properly you need to load another map first through the console then the ghosthunt map through the console.

well what I look for is something that well you know makes you scared so stuff ingame is moving, popping out etc xD does this map have it?

Yeah, stuff moves. It was hard for me to play it alone. Then I got my friend to play it with me.

100% agree, ghosthunt definitely is scary and does have stuff popping out, plus some of the events are random (may or may not pop out straight away, may take a few run throughs the place to see them).
The second ghosthunt has more of a story to it which you must do whereas the first is just for fun.