A good hitman always catches his target unaware..


Something I hope you can do in a future Hitman game.

If I were a target I would always be cautious with bald suited persons, they are always hitmans.

Would have been funny if he put a bomb in his mailbox.

Definitely a hitman…


Anyways the picture is pretty simple, but it is decent.

Why does the guy have holsters when he’s walking down his driveway.

who wouldn’t get suspicious at someone holding the umbrella like that

Who wouldn’t get suspicious if some guy in a black suit with an umbrella is outside of your house standing.

Well, you wait till they start walking out, and begin walking up. Since it is overcast opening the umbrella would be nothing odd, really. Once you get the umbrella open, you use that to cover you pulling the pistol out of your jacket and taking aim.


Maybe he is more than just a guy? Maybe is an FBI agent who pissed of the wrong people? Perhaps he is in the mob and quite paranoid? Who knows?


Also, if you look, the umbrella is translucent, so the hitman can see through it enough to line up a shot.

Well if he is an FBI agent or cop, he’d totally be suspicious of that guy standing out there.

You read very well. The point is that you start casually walking on the sidewalk with an umbrella once you sight them and then open an umbrella, drawing your pistol at the same time.

It looks pretty stupid and doesn’t make sense no matter how you explain it.

HAHA made my day :smiley: but the picture is pretty cool

“CMON WORK DAMN UMBRELLA IM SICK OF YOU -phf phf - oh,he should learn not to stand there…”

I think it makes sense. It’s cool. I like it, but hitman’s posing can be better I think.

I really like it, and its a really clever idea :buddy:

Back in the good 'ol days people would just laugh. Now, everyone has to bitch about realism “hurr he’d be seen obviouslay!”… Your not cool.

“A good hitman kills without a shot”