A good idea, i think... :)

It would be very good idea, the game will focus rust a little more in the initial stage of the game (do not start the game and you have a shotgun), the idea would basically have an initial stage with more medieval weapons such as shields, swords, flaming arrows, spears, throwing spears, rifles through gunpowder, gunpowder cannons, bolt-action rifles (as you’re doing) and ending with the weapons that we all know, m4, mp5, 9mm, … They cost a little more to reach that level of fire and give options to players who prefer to go melee, can choose it.

I think rust is a fantastic game and we can all get to create something unprecedented, so in my opinion, shotguns with wooden barricades is not very good (hahahaha: D), just to have a shotgun or m4 means being the strongest of the server. So here too we enter into armor theme, prioritize strength or agility, for example a person with a Roman shield (nearly full-length) and light armor and a player with heavy armor and shotgun.

I would also like to congratulate the team of developers and users the idea of ​​new barricades and doors (Roman style), which indicates that we come closer to the Roman style and I like that …

A greeting and I hope you like this idea, it is something very basic but I think it could deepen and think more to improve and give better esperiencia players of this community!

PS: If someone already commented forgive the idea was not my intention! Thank you! I if is the wrong forum, sorry!

By Seak!

you must play a lot of civilization lol but i do think more melee weapons might be interesting if its balanced

Obviouly! But we need remember that if u had kevlar u can die with 2 arrows, then for spears or sword and the same weapons can do same.