A good Roleplay Framework?

Sup Yall.

Looking for a good roleplay framework. Thank you :slight_smile:

GModRP its lua is easy to understand.

Dark RP

Tiramisu, for now.

ClockWork may be worth a look at when it’s released though (see gamemode development section.)

DarkRP is very easy to work on and mod.

He asked for RP.

OpenAura. It’s just 150 euro, come on!
15 times more expensive then the game itself? Who cares after all!

Yeah ! it’s just money ! I mean, i could pay my bills and all, or i also could buy that broken framework !

OpenAura with a schema. Also, did you figure out that Development Frameworks are more expensive than games yet?

No but he did figure out that you are taking advantage of how cheap and good the game is by selling all your junk to its players.

This is not the place to be trying to sell your shit as you have made attempts to do in previous threads…

I think we can be rather sure that if its got ideal-hosting name on it… you can easily say avoid it. I mean they host servers but yet…

They are also interested in clockwork which means gmod.biz will be hosting a 64 slot server with 50 fake players to put it at the top of the server list.

On the note of roleplay gamemodes im sure you could find something to your taste in gamemode development: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/390

Darkrp form my experience is a bad take. All the developer did was re code over the old code and now its really unstable

Maybe make your own framework. All a roleplay script could need as a base is a simple job system, and maybe a door ownership system. Then you can build upon that.

Judge the Roleplayer, not the script.

Scrap the job system(apart from cops, firefighters, medics), add simple ways to get money and wallah, you get RP.

You forgot the players

stop selling people your shit. get perma’d already

What exactly is a framework nowadays? The so called “Framework” actually consists of nearly 95% of code you have no reason to modify, what you’re doing is modifying a few variables and a limited assortment of things you are meant to modify on the first place.

That isn’t a framework, that’s just another gamemode, and that’s what you should be calling it, not any other dumb monicker that is there just to make things sound “professional” and less of a waste of time.

Why even make a framework? There’s a function called DeriveGamemode so what’cha wanna do is type
Now get to work, ye feegits!


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Clockwork (release expected within a month or so) or Tiramisu (although Tiramisu 2 is in the works).

Way to compare, bro.

Its a perfectly valid comparison