A good rp gamemode (paid)

Hello, Does any one know of a good RP gamemode that i could buy. No open aura stuff.

Pay $100 and up (negotiable)


Just use Tiramisu or some other free gamemode. Or, better yet, make your own.

I really dont have the time with collage and stuff :frowning:

Jesus Christ, is it really that hard to believe that good gamemodes can also exist for free?

It depends if people want a private gamemode, by risk of getting leaked tho, instead of free gamemodes.

Is it really that hard to believe that mentioning Jesus Christ in every post isn’t needed?

I’ve done it just 3 times, I believe?

Why would you prefer a private gamemode, that’s the question. What is so secret about the inner workings of your gamemode that the rest of the world can’t have?

Can we get back on topic? :C

It’s the lack of different gamemodes other than the usual RP crap, that’s why you have private gamemodes most of the time.

Tiramisu with professional RP players is great.
dont pay 100$ … its only gamemode lool…

You sir. have a good point.

Tiramisu or TacoScript Classic.

I’d buy Portal 2 twice for 100 bucks rather than a gamemode. I would suggest getting a free RP gamemode. Try roaming around the Gamemode Release section and maybe you will find an interesting one.

Tiramisu. Literally the only decent free one left that isn’t DarkRP.

I’d argue that Tacoscript Classic is decent. It has all the features needed for rp, and it’s stable as all fuck.

Wake up, Garry, wake up and… Smell the ashes.

These people are selling gimmick ‘gamemodes’ established on another source engine. Made by Garry and facepuch studios, And these “developers” are mooching of source/gmod taking a substantial amount of cash for something that someone else made without owner permission?

These people are selling pages of Lua here for 150,00 EUR…

Has a published game been this expensive in 2000? I don’t think so.

And by selling a ‘mod/gamemode’ earning money… It’s illigal without owners permission to sell something based on their product.
In order to actually earn money you have to create your own shit, or ask the developer “Can I has?” wich I doubt any of these so nicely call themselves “developers” have done.

A ‘Private’ gamemode for sale? Is it really that private after you sold some 10000 pages of Lua? Nope.
And did it ever occur that you can buy 15 copies of the original game for this amount?

Or better: Pay someone to teach you Lua and make your own gamemode EXACTLY how you want it.