A good, smart way to make a Unique, TTT Server people would enjoy?

As title suggests, I know there’s A LOT of TTT Server’s available, Most go completely unnoticed due to the amount (I’m guessing) and just generic-ness. I’m looking for a way to make a good server people would definitely enjoy, and want to play on. Obviously not too many addons, GOOD Addons, and good staff. As far as all that goes, Any suggestions on making a good, respectable TTT Server?

Learn how to make your own stuff for your own server. People will see that you have things others don’t, which is a really good way to earn dedicated players.

Thanks a ton! I’m decent with Lua in GMod, your post has given me a few ideas on what I could do, thank you! :slight_smile:

I would suggest doing or implement something that hasn’t been done before. This sort of goes along with what Moat said.

For example, when Spy’s Customizable Weaponry 2.0 weapon base released, I managed to implement those weapons as well as attachment packs into the game. It definitely peaked people’s interest (I was the first one to do it, and one of the last), but the guns (and their features) just didn’t work 1 to 1 with TTT’s intended gameplay, and the server eventually died.

Damn, sorry to hear that.
I’m thinking of completely custom making weapons. I’m half decent with animation, I just don’t know how to 3Dmodel. I’ll probably hire someone for that, I don’t know.
I’m also thinking more than just weapons. Maybe Tools, and other stuff for Detectives, and Traitors.

Cool idea may be to allow all players access to a small shop, as opposed to just limiting it to Traitors and Detectives. Don’t let players buy too good of stuff though, just real small things.

That’s something I’ve not seen done before.

Thanks for the idea! I like it, I always think how irritated when I’m In no and I don’t get anything for a shop
I’ll probably just implement weapons and fairly small tools and powerups.
G36C, 30s Health Regen, etc

I tried to implement a similar system with the attachments being rewarded through the pointshop. Had a more tactical CSGO type gameplay based off TFA base.

What your server can use besides something different from other servers is a competent staff team. No abusing, members with initiative, etc.

Getting some maps made for the server is a good way to set yourself apart while attracting new players
You could think of a few things that’ll make your servers TTT a little different from the vanilla one and make the maps support those new additions, that way even if some other server decides to host the maps they’re not getting everything out of them

Thanks for your help, Guys! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: I’ve got a few players I trust to be mods, and not to abuse, but I’ll still be on the server whenever I can, so I can make sure :slight_smile:
As for custom content, I’m gonna do some brain storming with a friend on what we should do for Tools, For detectives and traitors. :slight_smile: