A good, stable and easy to edit RP-script.

Hi, I just want to ask a simple question. I am about to make a really simple edit in a RP-script. It is supposed to be made for a new idea i have. So i need some jobs changed and need to remove some stuff so that the new Gamemode will work. So i just need a good, stable RP-script that i can edit easily.

Thanks in advance.

You can try the Tacoscript leak, as it’s rather easy an stable(ish). Though the script has past it’s age limit you could try Cakescript which I personally dislike.

Cakescript is the easiest to edit, but it really isn’t that good. Tacoscript might be the only way to go.

Thanks for the help. Expect a cool game-mode to come out some day xD

Tacoscript is a pain to edit, and to even run it you need to setup an SQL database, it gets checked every time someone joins to get information about their character. Cakescript is easiest to edit, but when i attempted to a while ago i just keep getting errors with the gamemode even functioning so i gave up. Your choice, Tacoscript is far more stable and overall a better script but it takes a while to get running and Cakescript is easier to edit, less stable but can be setup and run fine in about a day, thats including gamemode modifications that you may wish to make.

well. I don’t know ANYTHING about Lua. At all. So i would probably need help. It is very simple. If anyone wants to help me i would be very happy. I don’t care if it’s Cake or TacoScript. Of course TacoScript would be cool but that takes ages.

Whats your Problem?

It’s just too complicated for me. I am allready mapping and modelling. I just want a few changes because i think that i have invented a cool gamemode idea.

… Whats your idea and What help do you need? Maybe i could

Well. I found out a script was not really needed. But it’s something i call Scenario RP.