A good welder?

When I play gmod and I try to weld several things together, they don’t quite stick. I mean if I move my contraption, everything doesn’t follow, there’s like a lag. (Although when I freeze it, it sticks as it should.

It’s hard to make bigger contraptions. I remember playing spacebuild and how my spaceships just lag their arses off. The same thing happened when I tried to make an enormous house consisting of several props.

So, is there a welder that makes contraptions stick perfectley? I have of course tried smart constraint but still it’s not so good.

AND PLEASE! If there already is a thread like this one, can you please redirect me, as the search function is down?

Their isn’t any better welder stool. You gotta get use to it.

thats a weird glich


There you go.

It’s just how the source engine works, and the parent tool doesn’t work well all the time.