A grappling hook prop. Just the hook part though

So after poking around on Gmod I’ve noticed there’s no actual prop of a grappling hook, could someone help fix this? I’d like to use it in my machinima, and I’m sure there’d be a LOT of other people who could use it as well

God damn it the thumbnail’s not wanting to work, regardless, all I need is the hook, anyone here can supply the rope with the rope tool.

If someone could do this for not only me, but for future people, I’d appreciate it

Here you go:



It came out looking oddly oldschool.
Also, it uses a rough physmodel that looks like this:


So it should to some extent work like a real one.

Not the requester, but oh wow, this looks good! Funny enough, I was looking for something grapple-y as well and this will just do the work. Thanks a lot!

Holy shit you’re amazing man. Thank you!

Someone give that man a gold star.

Would you please put this up on the garrysmod website? I’m certain there’ll be a lot of other people out there who could use this!

I looked on gmod.org for a model like this before theres mainly sweps…may i post this on gmod.org with your permission ? so people have a nice hook model to download

It’s alright, I’d put it on the ingame Toybox last night, which is probably better than downloading and installing a single prop manually

Yeah but still it can be quite iffy(toybox)when you type in stuff , its best to have the option to look it up on gmod.org