A Gravity Hammer V_MODEL

I just want the Gravity hammer from Halo 3 v_model theres the model here but only w_model NOO! http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=41088 aweshome! lawl. BTW, I want it for a SWEP =3

I could only rig it to valves animations but is that good???

The only problem with that particular model is it isn’t very good. Certainly not as good as Bungie’s. The flare on the hammer is wrong. But, other than that, it is accurate enough to be painfully obvious as to what it is.

It does have some bugs and stuff like that.

Parts on it gets black like flashing as it was inside of something.

On the actual hammer itself, there are holographics and jets, so I am wondering if that isn’t a part of it.

okok… I dun care about the model, I just want some cool animations to go with the v_model… well, if someone creates it.

its on valve animations
i cant create animations sorry

well, I try it out! Thnx anyways! This should be awesome!