A great love betwee two beings

[release]From the same genius that gave you, Avatress 2 and Left 4 the Rings. James Cameron presents Amestanic. Two lovers separated by the class system of the early 1900s. They meet aboard the doomed ship “The Amnestanic”. Starring Servant as Jack and Spitter as Rose. [/release]

Whoops messed up on between :v:

And years later they had a child.

so deformed that If I posted a pic it would get me banned for shock image.

The chair Jack is standing on is a nice touch.

I was expecting Rosie O’ Donnel.

or a mix between Rosie and Gary


Who do you think is on the right?

lmfao, this is awesome!

Mr. Struts is having a good time.

I would prefer to think this zomboDiCaprio will sink like he did in the film.
To ensure,I would advice to tether a big stone to his neck


The chair made me laugh the most.

that’s because spitter is actually taller than the servant grunt.

So I added a chair for comical value :smiley:

lmao nice