A greeting Postcard from Hawaii

Aloha Folks, :clint:

here I present you my latest piece of s#!t.
Took me almost 2 friggin’ weeks to create it. :psyboom:


Before you ask: No, I’m not, nor have I ever been on the hawaiian Islands.

Anyway …
I’d love to show you just one simple picture for comparement but this is impossible due to the reasons, why and how I made it, a constant change of ideas through the whole process.:sweatdrop:
Instead, I’ll show you the pictures, that I used and will explain, what I did with 'em.

**Only read it, if you're interested in my motivations for creation and the process:**

At first I only wanted to create the Beach as a Scenebuild. Loaded up a Map with an empty beach and started posing palms and other foilage “randomly”. I saved it and made a couple of screenshots to test first editings with Paint.NET.
The original map–>Scenebuild
[img_thumb]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Original_map.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Scenebuild.jpg[/img_thumb]
First Edits looked quite promising for me but I disliked the run of the beach and this empty space.
So I cutted away a good portion of it and it didn’t took me long to realise, that the new shape kind of resembled a postcard.

New Idea was born.
I also intended to pose a girl in the picture in the first place but for some reason my savegame got f#@ked up.
I didn’t want to pose the whole beach scene again because It’d never look as good as the first one.
Instead, I posed her infront of a “green-screen” on the same map (to get the same sources of light.)
After that, isolated her in Paint.NET,which was one pain in the ass :commissar: (I need to learn using GIMP.) and did the usual fixes. (remove sharp corners, smoothing out limbs, proportions, etc.)

Are you still readin’ this ? Awesome, Dude.
The fact, that she was nude was a problem since we all know how FPs policy is with nudity. (Except a few idiots. :buddy:)
"SPmT" was out of the question and so I started drawing her a bikini.
First one was made completly by hand and although it already looked good, I drew a second one with the help of a bikini model.
Gave it a few shadows and textured it, so it at least pretends to be actual worn by her and not just being a terrible inkspot on her.
Finally, I extended the whole picture by copying the left part several times, re-drew the beach, waves and sky by hand.
[/release]… and that pretty much is how I made basic set-up the postcard.
So, what do you people think of this piece of s#!t ?

Post all of your, comments and critisism. I worked quite a long time on it, so I kind of lost the view on the whole picture and I’d be nice to her your thoughts on it. :allears:
Thank you very much and enjoy :love:

One final word
I kind of realise now, that Santz had a good point. I do this kind of crap waaaaaaay too often. :rolleyes:
So here’s a promise:
Whatever the hell I’ll produce next, it’s going to be completly free of any female persons in any way what so ever.

That is some really nice shading. You actually made the fakefactory model look good!

this is Awesome.

I’m impressed.

Very good. Like the method you used.

That’s really cool. I like how you edit.

Nice work putting everything together.

The skin-tones are pretty horrible though. The way you have shaded with black makes her look dead and flat - shade skin with darker, more saturated versions of the skin’s mid-tones. Add some black if you need to but don’t just use it on its own.

This is pretty much the first time in my entire life I have seen something made by Fakefactory and not wanted to projectile-vomit across the room. Congratulations.

Well, at first:
Thank you for your kind words. Please keep ‘em rollin’. :neckbeard:

So basicly, you say that instead of creating shadows on her with black, use her skin-tone, but slightly darker.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Kind of felt a bit off myself but I couldn’t point my finger on it. I always did the shadows this way and they always seemded to be right on.
I guess the difference is, that I usally did it on more darker scenes. :sweatdrop:

Anyway, Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep that in mind. :wink:

I think I can take this as a compliment in a weird sort of way, can I ? :biggrin:


Awesome :neckbeard:

Oh, almost forgot.
For those of you, who have forgotten about it, I’d like to remind that I finished up the works on my calendar project.
Click Me
Might be worth, takin’ a look. :biggrin:

Yeah pretty much. I did a tutorial on some colour-theory stuff - if you can be bothered to dig it out of my thread history (it’s probably the last thread I made) then there’s some stuff in there about shading skintones that might be useful to you.

Uh … You mean that one ?
Jap, I read it (partially), even bookmarked it, in case I need some help as to why my edits look so off again.
Gotta’ admit though, that I’ve overflow several parts, one of 'em propably was your color-study.

Plus, I at that point, I was more focused on her bikini.
I was struggeling to make it even remotly look like a non artifical piece. :sweatdrop:

Well, the bikini goes well, but there is that thread called “Sex pose mega-thread”

Since when is a girl wearing a bikini is a sex pose

If you read the entire thing, you’d understand I meant because he didn’t want to make her nude because of FP’s rules.

Uhm, well …
You weren’t readin’ it either.
Otherwise, you’d have known my statement about it. Here, lemme’ quote myself: :biggrin: