A grim, cold near-future -- A city ravaged by war.


scenebuild on gm_scenebuild_dusk

took fucking forever since i’m an idiot

I guess it’s okay.

I mean, it did come from a Swede, so I suppose it’s good.

The colors rock!

beautiful, nicely posed and the layouts of the environment are well thought out and all of these blend perfectly together

nice work

Not a big fan of the heavy SDoF and chromatic abberations. It’s pretty cool tough.

Brick in the fridge? Hahah


Where did you get those character models?

LOVE the sharpening.

I dig the lighting on the soldiers. The transition from blue to orange is a bit to abrupt on the backpacks though.

I wonder where the inspiration came from, by the way… Héhéh, we could pose something together.

i was expecting terminators you son of a bitch

still cool

Zeraxify. . .you inspire me inspiredface, If only I could make stuff like this

Oh hey you used my map

that’s nice

the atmosphere doesn’t match the title at all

My thoughts exactly.

fu kyou guys!!

i just so happen to find colours grim!!!

i’ll show you some grim colours

I like it.


Very Terminator-y.

I don’t think that was his intention.

Besides, Terminator is like

actually if anything it was inspired by children of men, even though it doesn’t have any giant mechs.