A group of Arctic Euro-Marines huddle by a common fire.


Shhhhieeet…I still spot some of the isolation errors.

My first attempt at using a realistic background, along with the model head-hackings of the BF2142 models.

Well, its allright i guess, but i’m noticing some isolation errors. Also you should propably work on the smoke, sparks, colors and overall composition.

Doesn’t this picture seem weird.

I mean who the fuck looks into a fire like its broadcasting live television.

I’d sit down if i was going to huddle by a common fire. :smiley:


Edit; the left soldier and the right soldier(the one standing up) look really cool.

The guy on the right is not European, as he is using the PAC helmet. The Pan-Asian Coalition.


I like the fire editing. :v:

The fire looks nice, also the pose on the middle and right guy looks awesome.
Isolating could use some work but overall, it’s a good pic.

Wow the posing is pretty good, but like Bubz said…

To think that a fire like this would be worth looking at if you never saw one before; except on bodies and tanks.

Who the fuck wears fingerless gloves on a mission into the damn Arctic?

OMFG they’re robots!

I’ve always loved how people edit or pose on those super protective helmets and yet still have people wearing fingerless gloves.

That said, Not a bad first attempt. The isolations a tad patchy around the edges but then it takes a while to perfect.
I like the fire though, have a wood

Damn, I should have done hacks like those. The ones I made are just too Halo-ish.

Handhacks will be a part of my next pose probably. :stuck_out_tongue: