A group of friends' camping trip photographs

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These are the last photographs OF Brian Samson(Far left, denim shirt first photo). the photographer of the last image, before his dissapearance. his camping trip was a rather seemingly happy one, however when interviewed his girlfriend(Who has since given birth to the son of brian with her new fiancee) and friends said that he was “Acting like he was always being watched, as if something was stalking him” As evidenced by the second image which was taken by Brian himself, as evidenced by the fact the tents can be seen as clearly occupied, it appears from medical analysist’s opinions after gazing at the photo that Mr. Samson had not slept at all. police are attempting to track down the Asian man on the far right of the first picture, as he has since gone missing, coincidentally, the same night as Brian, the day after Photo 2, taken on 9/10/2008, 10/10/08 a particularly interesting car crash happened, where 4 corpses from an accident involving 3 people, one of whom survived with minor wounds(He had been ejected from the car), were found impaled on large peices of metal, brian took a photograph, and then. his sanity decreased until his dissapearance, when all that was found was blood written saying: “HE COMES” Then a drawing of a tree with a head and insanely tall.


First person to find Slendie in both pics gets the skin of him

Model linK: If jaanus get’s mad it’ll go down instantly http://www.filefront.com/14643903/Sl...0run%20to..zip

Found him, top center of first, and far right of second.

I’ll Pm the link to you shortly

yea that conspiracy guy is reallly well hidden…

Why so much Slender, and if your going to keep him in your pictures, try and hide it more.

This time it was intended to be obvious, as he was being closed in on by Slendie

Has he got an LED in the end of his cigarette?

Why can’t you release the model D:

I forgot, there’s the errie feeling again. :pwn:



I’m liking this series. I’ve always been fond of these ‘horror mystery’ type of things.

I think I should have that skin.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. :v:

I think it’s lame how you pretend you aren’t deathbucket… But yeah.
Pictures are pretty boring, and why is the girl sleeping on the ground and not inside the tent?

Well um… :tinfoil:

Dude cant you see that shes dead?
Wait is that guy Deathbucket?

No and no, they were lying together under the stars and no i’m not deathbucket he got ahold of my password.


Explained above


I need jaanus’s permission.


I need jaanus’s permission


Model linK: If jaanus get’s mad it’ll go down instantly http://www.filefront.com/14643903/Slenda’%20Mane%20where%20ye%20gon%20run%20to..zip


To stop fear57 to be afraid here’s the comical song i imagine in my head whenever Slendie’s in my mind:

Oh shit slenderman, nice pictures.

He’s coming for you!

oH SHIT. Now the paranoia is back again! huddles in the corner MAKE IT GO AWAY OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD! NOOO!! But really. I’m scared.

Very nice, but the black guy freaks me out a little. Try improving his face so it dont look like hes escaped from some place.

Valve suck at flexes.