a group of girls freaked out by one headcrab


oh god a headcrab ew ew ew ew



i was expecting more… maybe puke or something?

Oh, they should be scared, soon, one of them is going to have a ripped open rib cage and claws, then the others get disembowled.

Eyes aren’t aligned to it

The one on the left, and the one second to the right are, but the other 2 are looking at something else.

That’s Mr Offscreen dancing with his dick out

Two of the girls aren’t even looking at it. See here:


Obviously there are three more offscreen, one for each of them. If they don’t be careful it’s going to become a fashion statement.

Reminds me of teen horror movies, group of girls and a monster and lots of screaming.

I know this is a jokey picture… but God the lighting is so flat it hurts.

Your laser-eye edit sucks dude.

Did someone talk about laser eyes?



LOL Joazz.

It couldn’t be helped, sadly. It’s one of those colormod-like effects embedded into the map, which makes for turrible lighting. I did have a spotlight from an offscreen lamp on them for part of the cheesy horror effect, but it didn’t seem to show up at all.

I love the City 8 maps, but that’s my one gripe about them. Otherwise they’re perfect.

Aww poor headcrab